Website Strategy, Design and Project Management

Orpheum Theatre Group

After completing the landmark building project of The Halloran Centre for the Performing Arts, the Orpheum Theatre needed a new brand and a new website that helped them sell more tickets, raise more money through donations and spotlight the enormous, but often overlooked, work they do in arts education and awareness.

wireframe explorations for Orpheum Theatre homepage

I led the team that surveyed the community to find out just how much the average Memphian knew about the Orpheum Theatre Group, as well as an extensive look at how people in the Mid-South looked for, purchased and used theatre and movie tickets.

Homepage design for Orpheum Theatre

From a visual design standpoint, the Orpheum website needed to act just like a theatre stage: focusing attention on the content presented with an incredible versatility to work for productions of any size from a one-man stand up comedian to a full orchestra and cast of some of the largest Broadway shows out there.

Event page design for Orpheum Theatre

One of the key research findings was that the information theatre-goers need changes drastically through the life-cycle of the show. From an initial excitement over the announcement of a new season, to purchasing tickets for individual shows, to looking for driving directions and parking on the night of the show — the event page can change the hierarchy of information displayed based on how close to the date of the individual show we are.

Season ticket page design for Orpheum Theatre