Website Strategy, Design and Development

Duncan Williams Asset Management

Duncan Williams is an iconic name in Memphis that's as synonymous with the charity work and organizations they support as it is with financial services. When they made the decision to spin off the asset management group as its own company, I worked as an integral part of the team that created the brand identity and positioning in a very crowded marketplace.

DWAM's unique selling proposition is their focus on improving the community they serve and the strong integrity they demand from all of their associates.

I kept the design of the site simple and approachable and let the typography set the tone. Their main asset is the personal relationships associates build with the community, so we invested in custom photography as the only visual element. From sourcing the stools to keeping investment bankers talking during the photoshoot to loosen them up, I took part in every step of the content creation process.

homepage design for Duncan Williams Asset Management
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